coming soon!


I’m starting a podcast!

I’ve been shopping around for a new hobby this year and what could be better than going back to my first love — audio?

I’m about to launch Sounds and Bites: the Podcast, in which I plan to talk about all things reading.

My plan is for every episode to have two parts: Part 1 will be a general chat about what I’m currently reading, what I’d like to read next, reading “hacks” I’ve picked up, book-ish headlines, etc. Part 2 will be a deep dive into a specific book I’ve read specifically for people who have already read the book.

I find I love hearing about books when I am thinking of reading them, but I also love analyses of books AFTER I’ve read them. I am going to attempt to make the podcast I wish existed.

My hope is to launch the first couple of episodes sometime this spring. Stay tuned!