I'm the kind of person who wants to tell everyone in the world when I find something cool (or useful or thought-provoking or ridiculous). I'm constantly foisting "interesting" links on friends.

So, friend, consider this the official repository for what I'm up to and what I'm into these days.

I am

  • still impressed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

  • having fun with a digital planner.

  • still in love with this purse, which I bought 5+ years ago (on sale). Worth the $$$.

  • LOVING my Audible and Brooklyn library memberships.

  • really into this and this.

  • just now discovering the brilliance of Slaughterhouse 90210.

  • digging this blog. Stay cool, mom.

  • very into my new Instant Pot. I've cooked more in the past week and a half than I have in the past three years (no kidding). So far, it lives up to the hype. 

  • eating homemade scones for breakfast every morning. 

  • LOVING my Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Parka. It's very thin while still being incredibly warm. This, plus my Patagonia raincoat, saved me during the cold, windy, and rainy days on Green Island.

  • bummed The Good Place is done for the season. Love that forking show.

  • drinking lots of black coffee.

  • pondering how to decorate our bedroom, which has olive green walls.

  • using a 12.9" iPad Pro + Apple Pencil to grade. I'm liking it. Details soon.

  • taking (chewable) Airborne by the handful.

  • listening to Belle and Sebastian's Write About Love

  • the happy owner of two new Patagonia Lightweight Travel Courier bags — one in black and one in a crazy color called "Shock Pink." Anna thinks it's hideous but I like it. :)

  • reading The Heirs by Susan Rieger. Stay tuned for a review!

  • enjoying author blogs. It is fascinating to read about the real-life writing process

  • pondering S-Town. I listened to all but the first episode in one go (long bus ride) and whoa, what a ride. Still thinking through the storytelling (and the ethics) of this podcast.

  • watching The People v. O.J. Simpson. I was a child when this all went down but I still remember footage of the car chase, the pictures of Nicole Brown's apartment. This is riveting.

  • a huge fan of Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Watch it! 

  • missing cold weather. No need for heaters here (ever 😢) but if it ever got cold, I would totally want one of these.

  • Listening to: The Freewheeling Bob Dylan.

  • Pondering: The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, My name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout, and Tinkers by Paul Harding.

  • Writing: with my favorite pens

  • Loving: my Midori Traveler's Notebook, the larger version of Paul's passport-sized notebook. 

  • Wearing: clothes from Uniqlo.

  • Reading: The Underground Railroad by Colton Whitehead and The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen.

  • Hunting for: records! We bought a record player and I am loving listening to WHOLE ALBUMS again.

  • Listening to: Dawes' first and second albums. <3

  • Loving: my book club! We just read Evelyn Waugh's A Handful of Dust. We all loved it. It is dark and extremely funny.

  • Obsessed with: this Instagram feed featuring gorgeous journal pages.

  • Blown away by: Shusaku Endo's SilenceA friend recommended it to me when I mentioned I really like Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory and it did not disappoint. 

  • Loving: linen everything.

  • Using: this ceramic travel mug — I often have half a cup of coffee left when it's time to rush out the door. This mug makes it easy to jet out the door without having to sacrifice the cozy warm-mug feel that thermoses just don't have.

  • Borrowing: my brother's Instax printer — I picked up at my brother's request when I was in the US and I now want one of my own! 

  • Eating: Vietnamese pancakes. My friend puts in an order with a Vietnamese friend every couple of weeks. So, so good.

  • Excited about: my students' new book review blog. New reviews are posted regularly, so keep checking back!

  • Mulling over: The Power and the Glory, which was my favorite book from college (but which I never reread until now). 12 years later, it holds up.

  • Wishing: I could stay here.

  • Loving: using The Onion to show my students how important it is to use reliable sources.

  • Freaking out about: Adnan, back in court

  • Listening to: this week's Spotify discover playlist. Slow and mellow.

  • Eating: crushed tortilla chips topped with melted Muenster cheese, salsa, and sometimes sour cream. I mix it all together and eat it with a spoon. I lived off this in college. Super healthy. ;-)

  • Wearing: Birkenstocks! I wore Birks in the 90s and early 00s and was amused when they became trendy again sometime last year (or was it two years ago?). But then I succumbed again because 1) Taiwan weather is almost always sandal weather and 2) I stand for the majority of the day and I need teacher shoes. My colleague swears by them.

  • Laughing: out loud while reading this breakdown of "The Presidents of the United States When They Were Young and Hunky." I'd seen this posted a few times but didn't click (because, I mean, just read the title). But it is funnier than you'd think — and more about the captions than the "hunky" faces. On Woodrow Wilson: "Believe it or not, Woodrow Wilson didn’t learn to read until the age of 10. So if someone tells you that you’ll never be president because you didn’t learn to read until you were 10, they’re probably right, because it’s very unlikely that would happen twice."

  • Using: the North Face Base Camp Duffel. Paul and I have had an eye on these duffels for years (since we lived in Tanzania), and I stumbled upon them for 30% off during a recent trip to the Philippines. I used some birthday money to pick a small duffel up for myself and a medium one for Paul. I got to test mine out immediately, as it served as my luggage on my return trip home. It lives up to the hype — super durable, really nice to carry.

  • Drinking: too much delicious coffee
    How terrible is it that I go whole days at school without drinking water? (Really terrible.) The (dubiously) good news: I'm drinking really good coffee these days. I alternate between a ceramic dripper from Muji and our trusty Aeropress. Always smooth. Never bitter.

  • Pondering: this essay about mega-corporations and the ramifications of their power
    It's long, but you should read it. It's thought-provoking and chilling and dude, we need to stop using nonstick cookware. And we need to start asking more questions.

  • Also pondering: this essay, written by my friend Cindy, called "Theology, Ethics, and Messy Living Rooms."

More and more I think our call to faithfulness as Christians isn’t to attain some sort of moral high ground. It is to forge a more direct path from how we believe we should live to actually living it.