Some questions (and answers) about my reading habits


I posted my roundup of my 2018 favorites on Facebook and was surprised by the influx of questions not about the books, per se, but about my reading life. I thought I'd post a few of them here because I love hearing other people's thoughts on this!

Q. How ever do you find the time to read?

A. Three things that have dramatically ramped up my reading life: 1) I bring something to read (or listen to) everywhere I go. That way if I have time to kill, I can read instead of just staring at my phone. 2) I don’t watch much TV (sometimes I wish that wasn’t true). 3) I listen to audiobooks. It allows me to “read” when I am doing mindless tasks like washing dishes, getting groceries, or even surfing the Internet.

That said, my reading habits ebb and flow. I tend to read many more books during the summer and winter, fewer during spring and fall (probably because these seasons coincide with the beginning and end of the school year!)

Also, a confession: I don't have many other hobbies and I sometimes sacrifice sleep to read.

Q. How do you decide what to read first?

A. I put books on hold at the library (ebooks and audiobooks) and read them as they come in. I also just read what I’m in the mood for.

Q. How do you decide what you listen to vs read on paper? Does it depend what you have time for?

A. Often it’s just what’s available at the library first or what I stumble upon at the bookstore. Occasionally I will specifically choose a format (I loved the idea or listening to Michelle Obama reading her own book) but often it’s just a matter of practicality. I also find I blitz through audiobooks faster because I can listen while multitasking or listen as I fall asleep at night.

Q. Do you use an app to listen to audiobooks?

A. I use the Libby and Hoopla apps (they're specifically library apps) + the Audible app.

Q. Do you have a hopeful reading list for this year?

A. Not officially, but I do have these titles on hold at the library:

These are in my physical TBR pile:

And I preordered this one, written by my friend:

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