Nothing is boring

We have a letter board in our dining room that says “NOTHING IS BORING.”  Clearly that’s aspirational. :) We hear choruses of “I’m bored! What should I do?” as much as the next parent, I’m sure (particularly from one child). 

ACS_0007 2.JPG

I helped that child make a “Not Bored” list and she quickly came up with the idea of playing with the chemistry set in the kitchen. It kept both kids entertained for over an hour, so I’d consider that a win (even though things inevitably ended in a sisterly spat, as is wont to happen these days).


It was also a fun opportunity to try out the iPhone X’s portrait mode. It’s definitely still beta-quality, but it’s fun.


Even more fun? The “bounce” feature, which turns Live Photos into GIFs. (Just open the Live Photo in Photos, swipe up on the image, then select “bounce”.) This is available on any iOS 11 device with Live Photo capabilities, not just the iPhone X.

Now I just need to figure out a way to embed Live Photo GIFs on the blog.

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