Word of the Year: LIGHT

This year’s word is “light.”

Light — sunlight/sunrise. I want to wake up early and develop a morning routine that may include exercise, prayer, reflection/journaling, meditation, or even just pleasure. I want to greet the day with enthusiasm. (This means going to bed at a decent hour every night and perhaps tracking my time for a week to see how I can better approach my days). 

Light — the opposite of heavy. I tend to take myself (and everything) too seriously. I feel like I am getting even more uptight with age. This year, I want to lighten up a bit. I want to see humor in awkward situations and I want to let things go instead of overthinking everything. (But please don’t tell me to lighten up... that probably won’t end well. :) 

Light — clutter-free. I want to create and maintain streamlined systems to lighten up my environment. This means figuring out (once and for all?) how to keep papers organized at school and clothing organized at home. 

Light — I want my (newfound?) positivity to be evident to others (Matthew 5:16) and I want it to be contagious. I’m especially thinking about my children and my students, who carry burdens of their own. I want to lighten their burdens instead of adding to them (even when I am piling on the homework).

Light — My faith is complicated and can be a source of disquiet rather than strength or comfort. I know this isn’t right — God says he is our light and our salvation. (Psalm 27:1) I want to know this deep down. 

Happy 2018, everyone. 

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