Still en route!

It's been almost 40 hours since I left our apartment in Kaohsiung and I'm STILL not in State College. It's been the craziest trip — I tried four different flights to get to Philly from Boston and all were delayed, canceled, delayed again. I arrived in Philly five hours later than expected and missed my State College connection.*

Throughout this trip, I've felt very much alone but also surrounded by community. Herein lies the beauty of social media and a global network of friends: I posted about my dilemma on Facebook and, within minutes, I was flooded with offers of help from various people who lived near Boston or Philly. 

My amazingly generous friend J ended up picking me up from the Philly airport at 2 AM (he thought I'd arrive at 10 — I didn't even ask him how long he was at the airport waiting because I felt so bad!) — then we left again at 7 AM for my State College flight (which, was, OF COURSE, delayed). 

Even though the list of things that have gone wrong is long, all is well.

One last flight to go!

*This is so bad, it's almost funny: after deplaning in Philly, the anxiety and lack of sleep got to me and I LEFT MY CARRYON at the gate!  

Kate LSComment