All by myself

Paul's job takes him back to the US twice a year and this time, his parents asked if the kids could join. The girls are so excited about seeing their old stomping grounds and, of course, friends and family. 

It just so happens that their departure date coincided with MY departure date for a professional workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam. So we went up to Taoyuan Thursday, stayed the night at a hotel, then parted ways in the morning.

I KNOW so many moms crave time by themselves (and the thought of a week alone would be amazing) and I've definitely had periods when I would've LOVED it, too, but I think working full-time for the past few years has taken away much of that desire and I am just genuinely sad (and a little anxious) to be on my own.

That said, this weekend in Hanoi has been fantastic! I'm here for a professional workshop so (sadly), aside from two dinners out, I've pretty much been in a conference room or the hotel... but it's fun to be back in Vietnam (and I've certainly LOVED the delicious food). 

Last night, we were all so exhausted from the meetings that my colleagues and I said goodnight at the insanely early hour of 7:30. I promptly crawled into bed with a tub of strawberry gelato and started a new TV series. It was pretty wonderful.

Now it's back to reality; I'm just about to board my flight to return to Kaohsiung. Will arrive home around 11:00 PM — and then it's back to school in the morning! 

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