My favorite pen: Frixion Biz Slim

I enjoy nothing more than spending an afternoon browsing stationery stores. Nowadays, however, I skip the pen section entirely; I'm convinced I've already found the perfect pens (for me).

Paul's language school teacher introduced him to Pilot Frixion pens — erasable pens that put the erasable pens from our childhood to shame (as in, they actually erase). I grade SO MANY papers as a teacher and being able to erase my inevitable mistakes is AMAZING. (I guess I should note that they also write beautifully. So smooth!)

I started off with the entry level Ball Clicker, which I liked just fine, although the clicker moves around and makes an annoying rattling sound. Then I found the super slick Biz Slim: silver, topped with either purple, blue, or black. Gorgeous and so nice to hold!

I now have one in each color. I've replaced the ink in two with red and blue ink, respectively. These pens are all I use now. 

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