Movie scenes I actually find romantic

The "actually" in the heading is because I think I come across as very unromantic, which is maybe a little bit true. (Sorry, Paul!) 

The other day, I showed my students the Pixar short Paperman as a journal prompt. Afterwards, I asked them to write about whether they believe in love at first sight and the idea of soulmates. It turned into an all-out debate. I was surprised to discover roughly half the class believes everyone has a soulmate. It was that half of the class that awwwww-ed through the film; the other half rolled their eyes (along with me). 

That said, I am not completely unromantic! 

Off the top of my head, here are scenes from movies I actually find romantic. You'll notice they're all from roughly the same era.

Jack and Lucy walk by the river in While You Were Sleeping

This is my favorite. I've loved this movie since the first time I saw it (when I was in middle school), but I didn't get the appeal of Bill Pullman. But then I watched it as an adult and the chemistry between Jack and Lucy is palpable. I mean, check out how they look at each other. I love Jack's gruffness and his dry sense of humor. I love how they make each other laugh. I can't find a clip with the whole scene (where they're walking by the river and she's telling Jack about her dad), but here's the tail end of it.

Dan and Marie at the marina in Dan in Real Life

So my actual favorite scene from this movie is the one where the extended family splits up and races to finish a crossword puzzle. That scene alone makes me want to have more children so that one day, I too can stage family competitions during the holidays. But my second favorite scene might be where Dan and Marie talk by the docks after the bookstore scene (starts right before the 6:00 mark). Hmm... I think I enjoy seeing people talk deeply and laugh a lot.

Kathleen Kelly + Joe Fox reading each other's e-mails in You've Got Mail

So, try as I may, I couldn't find a YouTube clip that shows the entire e-mail exchange at the beginning of the movie (a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!), so this short clip about Pride and Prejudice will have to do. I can appreciate how much they anticipate opening their inboxes (who of us can't relate?). Part of what I like so much is that their e-mails are about ordinary things. They are not gushy; they're warm and, well, friendly

The scene where the two leads meet in P.S. I Love You

So... full disclosure, I didn't actually like this movie all that much. But this scene, where Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler's characters meet, killed me the first time I saw it, if only because of how he looks at her. This clip cuts off prematurely, I'm afraid.

Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles actually showing they like each other in 10 Things I Hate About You

So this, in contrast to the While You Were Sleeping scene, is one I appreciated more as a teenager than I do now (probably since, duh, the characters are teenagers). Still cute, though. (Although the unromantic part of me could've done without the kiss. I'm a terrible person.)

Jamie and Aurelia's attempts to communicate in Love, Actually

I know, this is questionable (albeit less controversial than the "to me, you are perfect" scene). But it's sweet. And it's... Colin Firth.

I hate to analyze what these clips, taken as a whole, say about me... so I'm just going to leave this as it is. 

What am I missing? (Besides any movie scene not from the 90s-00s? ;-)

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