Well, hello there! And more.

Moving in

I started blogging waaay back in 2002 (!) but I've never registered my own domain name... until now! 

Welcome to soundsandbites.com, where the posting is sporadic and the photographs are iPhone-quality. :) Please bear with me. There's going to be constant rearranging while I settle in.

"I wouldn't want to offense them."

Anna (7) independently corrected the wording on one of her school assignments. She said she tried to imagine how someone might feel to be called "poor." One of the things I love most about her is her awareness and empathy. I also love her creative spelling. :)


When I resigned from my pub radio job, I vowed to "keep my foot in the door" (is that an actual saying?) of broadcast journalism by freelancing from Taiwan. I even invested in an audio kit as proof of my commitment. And then we arrived and the 16-hour workdays and culture shock got the best of me and I remember thinking dude, there's just no way I'll ever be able to report from here. 

But Saturday was election day and by 1 PM, the reporter in me was going crazy as I sat around twiddling my thumbs, and I suddenly decided to e-mail NPR to ask if they'd be interested in a spot. They said yes — and they requested two! So off I went, researching, writing, recording, reporting.

The adrenaline and stress ever-present in my former life came rushing back with a vengeance. But wow, it felt great to say (and hear) "for NPR News, I'm KLS in Kaohsiung, Taiwan."


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