anna-mazing podcast

If you can't tell, we really like podcasts around here. My older daughter, Anna, absolutely fell in love with Brains On!, a science podcast for kids. That, on top of lots of exposure to my own radio work, convinced her she wants her own podcast —  music (haha) to my ears.

So I inaugurated my newly-acquired audio kit and helped her start a podcast. The first episode of anna-mazing podcast* posted this morning. You can subscribe on iTunes or listen here:

Some behind-the-scenes notes:

  • The show is unscripted and extemporaneous, minus the segment headings and credits. Anna answered the questions without input from me (minus the prompts you hear on tape, like "Can you give me an example of that?"). We did go through two takes, but only because the first take included too much street noise. We recorded double the number of questions/answers we ended up using.
  • It took us a while to come up with a name. Some contenders? Anna's Answers (Anna's top choice), Anna!, and Anna's Podcast. (We're not very creative.)
  • *Incidentally, Anna objects to the lack of capitalization in the name. She says proper nouns have to be capitalized. Will change that for episode 2!
  • Anna didn't really care too much about what the podcast is about — she just wanted to make one! I suggested a Q&A format because Anna is pretty great at giving pithy, sometimes funny, advice. And I liked the idea of showing her that her opinion matters, even as a kid. Crowdsourcing questions on Facebook also meant way less pressure for us to come up with content.
  • We recorded the bulk of the show on Shelby's bed.
  • The one question I really, really wanted her to answer was a question about how parents can help their kids get along. She declined to answer (hits too close to home).