Recent things I read online and liked: "Life is harder than radio." Marc Maron interviewed Fresh Air's Terry Gross. 

"So why not just say f* the career and just have the baby? Why not just say to hell with kids and pursue a career you love instead? Why try to have "it all" at all? Here's why: Because having a great career is the best and having babies is f*ing incredible and having both is AMAZING, and no I'm not kidding, not even a little bit." This Ask Polly advice about work/life balance is good stuff. 

My former colleagues at WHYY put together a really impressive series on Pennsylvania public education funding. It answers the questions you've always wondered about: How does the government decide how much money to give schools? How much do teachers make? What's the deal with charter schools? What the heck is a millage rate?

BuzzFeed has a list for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

"Almost everything you look at will become sources of inspiration." This guy talks about how to become an "idea machine."