Mother's Day

We didn't have big plans for Mother's Day this year, which was fine by me, but on Saturday night I was struck with the desire to go on an adventure. So we got up early Sunday morning, hopped in the car, and drove the long way to Pittsburgh. We stopped by Paul's parents' house along the way — the place is at its prettiest now that it's spring — and wished Mom a happy Mother's Day.


Lucy picked me tiny flowers, which I made into a tiny bouquet for my (tiny) pocket.



In Pittsburgh, we visited our favorite place: Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.



I particularly enjoyed Pittsburgh, which was stunning as usual. I'm currently working on a radio story about the history of Pittsburgh's rivers and waterfronts. It was fun to see what I've been reading about in person.


We hit up Ikea on the way home (of course).

It was a great day. And I have great kids.