After 6.5 years in Central Pennsylvania, we're selling our house, quitting our jobs, packing our bags and moving across the planet! We're relocating to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where I'll be teaching language arts (!) at an international school and Paul will be consulting for the school while continuing to instruct and manage a Penn State course in Tanzania.

It's crazy and exciting and sad—and it's also somewhat sudden. We've been very happy here and honestly have felt like we would be happy staying here forever... but ultimately we feel like it's our chance to shake things up and give living overseas a shot.

It's (obviously) going to be a big career change for me. I know it won't be easy. Teaching middle schoolers is going to be a huge (HUGE) challenge but I'm also dreading saying goodbye to a career that I love. And I love, love, love being a public radio reporter. It's going to be weird to write "teacher" in my customs declaration card instead of "journalist."

I hope to keep my foot in radio (so to speak) by doing some freelance work. In fact, for an early Mother's Day present,, Paul bought me professional headphones to round out my audio kit. Now all I need is a nice shotgun mic.

There's still a lot do between now and when we fly out in July. Brace yourself for increasingly panicky posts about packing and saying goodbyes.

Here's to new adventures.

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