Planners, a couple of weeks in

The week started off normally and then bam!--my editor assigned me a big story with a quick turnaround Wednesday noon and I was basically buried in work until yesterday's deadline. At some point in there we spent an evening at urgent care because Anna had abdominal pain and nurses thought she might have appendicitis (which she does not, thankfully).

Anyway, all that to say--I had been faithfully keeping up with all THREE paper planners (and my Google calendar) up until Wednesday.

But when all hell broke loose, I didn't touch them.


BUT--I don't think that means the planners don't work for me. I think it's natural for routines to go out the window when all hell breaks loose. It also shows me the planners are particularly helpful in helping me gather my thoughts/focus my plans. When I'm crazy busy, I almost don't need to do any planning--I just GO. (The only thing that I really had to do was make sure I recorded my appointments/interviews to make sure I didn't double-book or, heaven forbid, miss anything.)

THAT SAID, I really regret not taking the few minutes each day to use my system. For example, I took copious notes during several phone interviews and instead of using the backside of my daily planner page as I had planned, I reverted to old bad habits and used scrap paper and Post-its. Now my desk is a disaster and I can't find anything.

Overall observations:

I'm finding that my daily planner binder has been the most helpful, for the reasons stated above. It's also really fun to use.

The weekly planner is theoretically nice, too--but I'm still too nervous not to also post appointments on my Google calendar (which I share with Paul). This makes the planner almost seem extraneous and thus, I'm not as great about updating it religiously since I don't have to completely rely on it. I still like the idea of having a paper calendar that shows me what my entire week looks like. My Google calendar is AWESOME for coordinating schedules (we share multiple calendars at work, too), but I don't like having to toggle various calendars on and off to get a feel for my week.

The daily journal, however, has probably felt the most "forced." I've used it fairly diligently and enjoy having something to jot notes in, but it's 1) too small to really write anything of substance and 2) sometimes overlaps with what I write elsewhere.

I still plan to keep up with all of the planners, though, at least for several more weeks before I reevaluate. For one thing, I've missed them the past couple of days.