Goals--big and small

I included a subtle sneak peek of this years' goals in the image of my Moleskine journal, but I thought it would be a good exercise (for me) to expound on my goals in a separate post. Hopefully this will help keep me accountable, too! GOALS FOR 2015:

  • Be more intentional at night This may sound a little vague/funny, but I just mean I want to plan ahead better in the evenings so my mornings aren't as rushed or stressful. It's always a challenge to get both kids dressed, fed, and out the door without frustration. One obvious solution is to plan ahead. Specifically, I'd like to have the kids' and my clothes picked out the night before. I also want to have Anna's lunch packed and ready to go. (Lucy's preschool provides meals).
  • Map out my work day This goes right in line with the use of my Google spreadsheet and daily planner pages. I also think it might be smart to keep a time record at some point to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong (and hopefully what I'm doing right!).
  • Spend our tithe Paul and I budget money for giving every month but not all of it goes to specific people/places. So there have been many months where we just don't use up the money and it essentially disappears into our general expenses. I hate that this happens! The joy of putting money aside is always having money available to give (and giving is such a joyful thing!). We plan to tackle this goal by taking non-designated money out in cash at the beginning of every month so it is accessible. And that way, we always know how much we have left--if anything remains at the end of the month we can donate it to a local charity or our church.
  • Practice hospitality This goal is basically summed up in my explanation about my word of the year (brunch). This means choosing to open up our home even if it is inconvenient. It means setting aside a regular time to spend with other people (Saturday mornings). It also means practicing good habits to make it easier to invite people over spontaneously (i.e., always have clean sheets available for the guest bed; have a quick go-to meal in my freezer; keep the living room area relatively tidy). We've been intentionally working towards this goal for a few months now and it's made a big difference.