2014 in lists

Favorite moments:

  • Exploring Bar Harbor with Paul
  • Camping in the White Mountains
  • Braving the freezing cold to walk to First Night
  • Last-minute camping trip on the Mid State Trail
  • Hiking Mt. Nittany at sunrise in the snow (and enjoying coffee at the top)
  • Meeting Terry Gross, as awkward as that was
  • Having a piece air on NPR
  • Taking the kids to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum
  • Visiting friends in WNY
  • Sipping coffee and listening to a podcast on the bus to work


Favorite material acquisitions:

  • New microwave (our old one has been broken, on and off, for a year)
  • Dyson vacuum (birthday present from in-laws)
  • Clever coffee dripper
  • Sheepskin slippers
  • New phone
  • Duffle coat

Favorite house projects:

  • New microwave/hood vent
  • A fence!
  • Little Free Library
  • Kids' desk
  • Tea station

Notable media consumed:

  • Cheesiest and most enjoyable TV series: Chuck on Netflix
  • Most painful TV experience: the How I Met Your Mother finale
  • Most time-consuming TV: the World Cup
  • Kids' new favorite: The Princess Bride
  • Best book: We are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Best media, period: Serial podcast
  • Tensest media moment: the pause before Sarah K. meets Jay in Serial
  • Favorite music by default*: Gregory Alan Isakov

Best food eaten:

  • Endless lobster rolls (Maine)
  • A whole lobster (Maine)
  • Ramen (Tadashi)
  • Beef nachos (Happy Valley)
  • Rachel's Mom's Swedish Kaka
  • Anything made by Olivia
  • Holiday shrimp
  • Oyster casserole

Things I learned:

  • Evangelicals don't have a corner on truth (yes, it's taken me three decades to realize this)
  • Always map out a story before logging interview tape (and don't always log tape!)
  • Don't read questions during a two-way interview
  • Don't pack each radio story with all of the information
  • How to tell (almost) any story in 4 minutes
  • I really enjoy podcasts

Toughest moments:

  • Single-parenting for a month
  • Cutting a key interview from a radio piece
  • Applying for a job I wasn't sure I wanted
  • Learning how to deal with work management