I totally failed last year's resolution. 2012 and 2013 were characterized by a lot of striving--professionally, personally, and spiritually. I was exhausted and ready to relax, so for 2014, my resolution was to surrender, to stop striving and just enjoy my status quo.

But then my boss asked me to apply for a full-time "reach" of a job in March. I got it and I took it knowing I was breaking my resolution.

I don't think I regret that decision. But it wasn't an easy year. There was a lot of striving.

But this year, I'm resolving to chill out again.

To be honest, I'm tired.

This year's word is brunch.

Brunch to me means community and hospitality. It means embracing friends (old and new) and good food.

Brunch means enjoying the blessing of a warm home and a cool town, appreciating the resources to entertain or eat out (even simply), and making the most of weekends.

It also means not sleeping in and not being selfish about my free time--so it's going to take a bit of healthy effort, too.

So really it's the idea behind brunch that I'm resolving to pursue: being intentional about embracing--and sharing--the joy in our lives.

Brunch at Ndarakwai Ranch, Tanzania

Let's raise our coffee mugs to 2015!

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