I've loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe since I stumbled upon Hayley Morgan's "no brainer wardrobe" concept. I'm fairly low-maintenance and a big thrifter so I've never really had an out-of-control closet/clothes budget, but I have been really tired of never quite knowing what to wear (and have also been tired of purchasing things at thrift stores that don't quite fit).
Hayley's idea was really helpful in planting the seed of "less is more," but it was this blog that really spurred me to action.
Here are some of the actual pieces:
191c6b1c528fec7ce6a01e2dd6bbec5c One of the best things about doing this is it's really helped me to hone my preferences. Now I know I pretty much only wear simple neutrals. And I frequently wear grays, blacks, navy, and (to my surprise) shades of pink.