Sunday drive

After a couple of months (!) of health, our girls have finally succumbed to the horrid sickness that has been going around.  We decided to skip church since both girls are hacking and Mei had a mild fever.  Instead, we slept in, lounged around on the couch, and then piled into the car for a Sunday drive.

We headed towards one of our all-time favorite restaurants--the Elk Creek Cafe in Millheim for brunch.  I ordered the eggs benedict and it, along with the crispy potatoes that come as a side, was glorious.  The girls were remarkably well-behaved (notable after the nightmare of eating out in the Philippines), the sun was shining in through the giant panes of windows... it was just perfect.
After brunch, we took the "long" way home; i.e. we went on a joyride.  This is one of our favorite things to do (see here) and the perfect activity when we are too sick to go on a hike in 15 degree weather but still want to get out of the house.
We are so, so lucky to live where we are.  Countless state parks and gorgeous country side surround our area.  We drove through a hemlock forest and imagined what it was like when the entire state was forest.  It was just a nice day.
L- R: Lazy morning, brunch at the Elk Creek, blue skies, snowy beach path, hemlock forest