Loving my morning routine

During the summer, the girls and I would sometimes stay in bed until 9:30 AM.  (I tried not to tell my other mom friends that I had no problem training my girls to sleep in.)  We had very lazy mornings, often doing nothing of consequence until lunchtime.

That was nice, but I often felt like a giant slug.

Now that school has started back up, P gets up at 6:50 for a shower and the girls and I cuddle in bed together until around 7:15 AM.  P takes the girls down for breakfast while I get dressed and we are out of the house by 7:45. We drop the girls off first and then P goes to work while I either head home or head to work.
I go in for my internship (which starts at 8:30) three mornings a week; the other two mornings I come back home, make myself a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal, put on music, and sit in front of the computer to write e-mails, pay bills, blog, chat with my family, or catch up on my Reeder.  Occasionally I will run errands outside or do things that are much easier without children (like clothes shopping at the thrift store or meeting a friend for coffee).
I'm not a morning person but I have loved having to get up early.  I love getting dressed for the day (I usually don't leave my bedroom in the morning without getting dressed--I don't know why, but I don't like hanging out at home in my PJs!) and even the short drive to drop the girls off at preschool/daycare is enough to energize me for the day.  I love listening to Morning Edition on my drive.  I love that the start of every morning is the same.