Loving my home

We bought our current house almost exactly 2 years ago.  We purchased it under a first-time home buyers’ program that is fantastic (we would not have been able to buy a house in this location otherwise) but that has stipulations that make it much more financially worthwhile if we stay here for at least a few years.  So basically, we bought this house two years ago and don’t intend to move unless we’re moving out of town (or, as I vowed when I was hauling our seemingly endless boxes, until we move out of the country).  Is it ridiculous, then, to admit that I regularly cruise the real estate listings?  

To be fair, I look at the real estate listings the way I look at home decorating blogs—fun for ideas, fun to daydream about future possibilities (I’d like a porch one day.  And an eat-in kitchen would be nice!).  Before this house, we moved at least once a year, and I’ve combated any antsiness by rearranging a room every few months.

The house needs work—work that we’re not sure we’ll ever get to.  (In fact, the first time we toured this house, we both said, “no” right away.)  Both bathrooms could stand to be gutted. frankly.  I am currently typing from my lovely office/library under a fluorescent light (ew) and a drop ceiling (double ew).  Our kitchen floors are scuffed linoleum and yes, I dream of an eat-in kitchen.  Our house is at a corner by a fairly busy street and, more often than not, I fall asleep to road noise.  It's a split-level.  I always considered split-levels my least favorite style of home.  

Furthermore, home ownership has also not been all that it’s cracked up to be.  Our monthly expenses are much higher than we anticipated (so much more to think about—sewage, trash/recycling, insurance, taxes!) and we’re always afraid that our plumbing will die for real.

All that said--I love this house!  We are lucky, lucky, lucky (or I should say—blessed) to live here.  We live in the heart of town.  P can walk to work in less than half an hour—or bike in seven minutes.  I can walk to my favorite coffee shop in just over fifteen minutes; downtown is just a few blocks away.  We are equidistant from a playground and two gorgeous parks with wooded trails and a stream.  We are close to many friends, not far from shopping.  We live on an older tree-lined street, where every house is different and most are much nicer and bigger than ours (good for home value!). 

P and I both feel like we’ve been given the gift of hospitality (not that we’re Pinterest-worthy hosts—far from it—but we both are always inclined to say “Yes, please, come over to our place.  Stay for a night or a month.”) and the best part of this house is that we have space for guests, unlike our two previous apartments.  Now we have a dedicated guest room (which sees lots of use), a futon in the library, and as much floor space as we’d ever need.  Our living room and dining area are open, perfect for parties.  We have a big deck and a backyard that is covered by a canopy of mature trees.  Our backyard has seen countless parties and late-night conversations around a fire.
I’m thankful for this house.  I’m thankful for the friends and family that fill this space.

This picture is from February 2012.  I need to remember to take more pictures around the house!

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