Loving the here and now

As I've mentioned before, I struggle with restlessness.  I've been fairly transient my adult life.  I've lived in four continents and consider three countries "home." My first job out of college had me traveling to fifteen countries in five months.  In the six years that P and I have been married, we've lived in 8 different homes.

We moved to this town in 2008 with the intention of living here until both of us finish our Master's degree.  I am on my last semester but P has at least another year to go.  Sometimes we get really antsy.  It seems crazy that we own a house, have two children, and have lived in this town for almost half a decade.  We spend hours talking about our future, dreaming about various scenarios that will bring us to far-off places.
And it's not just our location that has us chafing at the bit--sometimes we want to rebel against this season of life--parenting small children, living on a tight budget, limiting our late nights out and our weekends away.  We dream of being a bit more foot-loose and less tied down to our current iteration of a normal American life (9 - 5 job, house with a yard, etc.).
It's good to dream.  I've come to terms with the part of my personality that will always be looking towards the next adventure.  I appreciate that I am not afraid of change.  
But it is also important to be content.  
One thing I've learned in my years as an adult is that every situation presents both the wonderful and the not-so-wonderful.  It's easy to glamorize the life I'm not currently living (whether that be in a city or in the bush) but I know in my heart that there are SO many things about my here and now that I will miss.  The thing is, I really love my life.
So I am going to take the thirty-one days of October to be intentional about celebrating and enjoying this place, this life, myself and my family as we are right now.
l-r: Kitulo, Tanzania; Tagaytay, Philippines; Coburn, Pennsylvania, USA
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