First day of fall

P and I sent the girls to their grandparents' house for the weekend.  We were originally going to head to Pittsburgh for a change of pace but ended up staying at home.  I'm so glad we did.  We got lots of sleep, ate out numerous times, and spent all Saturday afternoon soaking up the very best things about living in this area.
We finally got to visit the Inglebean Coffee House in Millheim (after lunch at the always fantastic Elk Creek Cafe).  Over massive cups of coffee, P went over some reading for his lit review and I made some headway on The Great Gatbsy, which I'm reading for work.  Afterwards, I suggested taking the long way home--the really, really long way home.  We love nothing more than to explore new roads to see where we end up.  We stumbled upon the most gorgeous vistas and found a couple of great potential camping spots.  We scaled rocky paths to hidden overlooks.  (The only downside to the spontaneity was my lack of appropriate footwear!) The leaves are turning and it made me want to yell with joy.  Closer to home, we stopped at a stream so P could fish.  I sat on a rock and breathed in the autumn air.
It was perfect and we're so lucky to live here.