These days

Here are a handful of pictures from the past several days.

Clockwise, starting at top left:

P and I had a much-needed evening on our own last Friday.  We sent Bee and Mei to their grandparents' place.  We went out to dinner (such a different experience eating out and only being responsible for feeding yourself!) then headed to the drive-in.  We watched two truly awful movies (the second so awful that we didn't stay for the entire thing).  It was fun, though.  Felt like a great last hurrah for the summer.

As mentioned previously, Bee and Mei started preschool/daycare.  Bee had been counting down the days until she could start but was a bit subdued when it was actually time to leave her.  She still had a great time.  I took this picture of her right before she conked out for a much-needed nap, not long after she got home.

At almost any point of time, Bee and Mei can be found piled on top of each other.  I love it.

We had promised Bee that we'd go to the public pool at some point this summer.  This week we realized that the pool closes at Labor Day.  We acted fast and spent the evening there yesterday.  Bee and Mei were shivering like crazy, lips blue, but neither wanted to leave.

Happy end of summer.