Tiny vacation

My brave (and crazy?) friend O offered to watch both girls (along with her little one) so I could have some time to myself.  She volunteered this within seconds of me just mentioning feeling a little blah/unmotivated.  (I have great friends.)

I dropped the girls off at around 8:30 this morning and am currently hanging out at my favorite cafe in town.  I love this place because it is bright and happy, not artificially urban and moody, and the "regulars" range from old guys asleep at the table to parents grabbing a treat for their kids on their way to school.

It didn't take me long after Bee was born to realize how important "alone" time is for me.  There is nothing that reminds me of my own identity apart from motherhood than being out by myself, cup of coffee and a paper (or my laptop with my RSS reader) in hand.