Weekend playlist: Saturday, cool and gray

I love waking up to music.

When I was in college, my friend and I babysat for a family and because the parents stayed out late, we spent the night in the guest room.  We woke up the next morning to light rain, the smell of bacon, and U2's Achtung Baby. That morning is still one of my favorite memories from that period of my life.

With that morning in mind, I've created a playlist for this Saturday morning.  After a couple of months of unbearable heat, the weather has cooled down.  The high today is in the low 70s and the overnight low is in the 50s.  There's a chance of rain.  For me, this is close to ideal.

Here is a short playlist to listen to in bed or to enjoy over a late breakfast (Grooveshark widget below).  I threw in my favorite song from Achtung Baby, even though it's a completely different sound from the other songs.